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Apr 10, 2010 5:00am EDT
. >> yes. 5:29. 43 degrees. the tragic result for the search for four west virginia miners. >> rescuers worked their way back into the mine and were close to answering the big question -- are any of the four missing miners still alive. >> west virginia's governor announcing the final four missing miners were not found alive. >> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thanks for joining us. >> john is here with another look outside. it was almost 80. >> all of a sudden we jumped to summer and we want to stay there. and it was the nice part of summer, too, because it wasn't humid. spring is like that. april can have highs and lows and all kinds of stuff. it technically can even produce a little snow. >> oh, don't say it. >> they probably saw a few snow flakes as the recommend -- remnants of that weather maker came through. it takes longer for new england to see spring the way we all envision spring. they are getting the colder side of it. there is a new area of rain coming in from the cold front along with wisconsin, minnesota, michigan this morning. we'll talk about temperatures on o
Apr 10, 2010 6:00am EDT
. monterey in west virginia was at freezing and now is now 40. temperatures will rise quickly once the sun gets a chance to do its thing. scattered cloudiness fpble the next weather feature we deal with is this cool front out to the west. we get warming and the temperatures go down once again. that's the story of april. in montana, it up in the teens. 61 to 66 the high. right in the normal range. west winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. futurecast shows this front, a couple sprinkles by sunday evening. the front comes through here with clouds. maybe a sprinkle. maybe all it will do is pull the temperatures. ahead of the front is warms up, behind it, the temperatures drop off. ahead of the front 73 tomorrow. the front passes through tomorrow night monday morning, maybe a sprinkle, and then tems drop off again. 63, 67, 75. a gradual warming trend next week with a shower chance by the end of the week. >> some of the world's most fames jewels at bargain hunter prices. all at the smithsonian. >> and a day of free family fun and adventure while giving savage park a mae make-over. >> a >> a restaura
Apr 24, 2010 6:00am EDT
is west of sperling, virginia south of winchester and on into west virginia. just touching this southern tip of garet county at this point. so again, that's not moving directly in our direction. it may take all day to get there. we have a lot of -- temperatures on the cood cool side. w.b.i. marshall. 48 degrees. humidity. not terribly high. barometer is rising. high pressure at the moment holding that rain off. the winds are calm. moisture is producing the clouds w we have. west minister 48. 51 out at mchen triot west. here are the clouds overhead. the sun is shining. east of pennsylvania. much of new jersey and off of ocean city. there may be breaks in the clouds. these more dense clouds to our west, the really bright clouds or significant clouds are running ahead of this cool front running through tennessee and kentucky. high pressure will keep the system from coming in in a big hurry. by this -- it won't be in here yet. we will see a mostly cloudy day today. sun dominant. showers very welling. it is a cover thing. we may see a few sprinkles or a shower. then chances will increase deep
Apr 17, 2010 9:00am EDT
showers are now leaving southern maryland and running into southeast virginia. it the clouds are beginning to break up a little bit. we're beginning to see some blue. details coming up in just a minute. >> are big story -- are big story this morning is the rest -- is the arrest. >> please make an arrest -- police made an arrest yesterday. where is the body? >> this is a picture of 16 year old and this is where she lived on -- in northwest baltimore city. she has been missing since march of 2009 and police believe she was murdered. >> we have made an arrest. this is a disappearance case of a 16 year-old. >> jason gross has been arrested and charged. he may have come into contact with her on a bus in eastern baltimore county off of eastern avenue. >> we believe she may have gone on a bus somewhere around eastern avenue in the north point area. this occurred in march of last year. >> stop long after she went missing in march 2009, this trash collection facility became the target of an intense police search. there were looking for her body. >> we were not able to find her body at that time. si
Apr 24, 2010 5:00am EDT
in west virginia and back in tennessee and kentucky right now. so this system is slowly moving into the area. it will be with us in some manner, shape, or form into the first half of next week. that doesn't mean nonstop rain, but rain is definitely in the forecast in the next few days. >> thank you, john. >> our big story this morning, it has been open 70 years, but this morning a local bar's license has been revoked. >> the bar has been deamed disruptive to the -- deemed disruptive to the community. >> the quality of this security camera video is poor, but it did offer enough clarity for the baltimore city liquor board to revoke the license of a bar. the complaints was on the bar owner's behavior. >> the neighbors accused the licensee of abusing them, threatening them on many, many occasions. >> this tavern is located at 1100 washington boulevard. tarek was a patron before taking over the bar. >> i'll make it clean, i'll make it nice, and suddenly everyone will come and it will be the yuppiest bar in all of baltimore, but the reality is you can't change the neighborhood overni
Apr 24, 2010 9:00am EDT
columbia and out west in northern virginia. for a while, that will stay put. through the afternoon hours, our chances increase a little bit that a shower or sprinkle could develop. the rain chances to go up dramatically tonight. we have been hearing about the potential for severe weather. it will move east into mississippi and alabama from texas. we will talk about the forecast details for the weekend in just a minute. >> now, to our big story, it has been opened for more than 70 years, but a local bar's license has been revoked. >> the bar has been deemed disruptive to the neighborhood. security video and neighborhood complaints led to its demise. >> the quality of this security camera video is before, but it did offer enough clarity to revoke the license. it focused on the bar owner's behavior. >> the neighbors accused the owner of abusing them verbally and intimidating them and threaten them on many, many occasions. >> the tavern is located at 1100 washington boulevard. this then was a patron before taking over the management. >> i will make it clean, i will make it nice, and su
Apr 10, 2010 9:00am EDT
they didn't close the mine. raleigh, county. west virginia. >> city council president responds to the i-team story revealing how he came to own a lose paid for mostly by taxpayers. will his family be required to pay back back part of alone? jayne miller has the latest. >> jack young, council president denied he improperly benefitted from the circumstances of his sister that led to the purchase of a home in 2001. >> i'm here to clear up this issue. >> young sister bought the house after her home was condemned and demolished nears john hopkins. now an empty lot it was raised in an effort to clear blighted neighborhoods. she got sources from two sources of public founds. one was a housing replacement payment and the other 20, 300 dollars in community development block trance funds provides with alone through the city. the lone came with strings attached. it may have for bid an elected official to a take interest in the property or benefitting from it and it requires payment if the title is transferred. young sister signed that on july 25th 2001 but on august 16th 2001 she signed a new
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7